Important Information About The COVID-19 Vaccine Available To Residents Of Our Facility.

Workmen’s Circle MultiCare Center | WCMCC | Bronx | New York

Clinical Services

Mental Health Services

At Workmen’s Circle MultiCare Center, our comprehensive approach to care includes the expertise of consulting Psychiatrists and Psychologists who specialize in addressing adjustment issues and psychiatric illnesses among our residents. These professionals play a vital role in our interdisciplinary care team, collaborating closely with other healthcare providers to develop individualized care plans tailored to promote optimal mental health and stability. By integrating psychiatric services into our care model, we strive to ensure that residents receive the support and treatment they need to manage their mental health conditions effectively while residing in our facility.

Our team of Psychologists and Psychiatrists brings extensive experience and specialized training to their work with residents, offering evidence-based interventions and therapies designed to address a range of psychological and emotional needs. Through ongoing assessment, counseling, and therapeutic interventions, they work alongside residents and their families to navigate challenges, promote resilience, and enhance overall well-being. By prioritizing mental health alongside physical health, we aim to create a supportive environment where residents feel empowered to address their mental health concerns and achieve their fullest potential in all aspects of their lives.