Important Information About The COVID-19 Vaccine Available To Residents Of Our Facility.

Workmen’s Circle MultiCare Center | WCMCC | Bronx | New York

At Workmen’s Circle MultiCare Center, we understand the importance of providing opportunities for residents to explore their community and enjoy meaningful outings. Our trip schedule is an integral component of our activity programming, offering residents regular excursions to neighborhood restaurants, local movie theaters, retail shops, and the public library. These outings provide residents with the chance to engage in leisurely activities, socialize with peers, and maintain connections with their surroundings.

Older couple posing in park

We are committed to ensuring that all residents have access to our outings, regardless of their mobility level. For residents who require wheelchair transportation, we provide assistance to ensure their participation in off-site activities. Additionally, for residents who are unable to leave the facility, we organize monthly take-in meals featuring favorite menus from popular eateries, including pizza, Chinese food, KFC, McDonald’s, and meals with a Latin flavor from local restaurants. These initiatives aim to enrich the lives of our residents by offering diverse dining experiences and opportunities for socialization within the comfort of our community at Workmen’s Circle MultiCare Center.

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