Important Information About The COVID-19 Vaccine Available To Residents Of Our Facility.

Workmen’s Circle MultiCare Center | WCMCC | Bronx | New York

At Workmen’s Circle MultiCare Center, we value open communication and believe in the importance of actively involving residents, their families, and friends in decision-making processes. That’s why we hold regular Resident and Family Council meetings, providing a platform for ongoing dialogue and information sharing concerning life within our facility. These meetings serve as a forum where residents, along with their friends and family members, can voice their ideas, concerns, and opinions regarding various Workmen’s Circle MultiCare Center issues, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment.

A forum gathers around a table for residents, friends and family to voice their ideas and opinions regarding Workmen’s Circle MultiCare Center issues

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and quality assurance, we actively encourage participation in Resident and Family Council meetings, welcoming feedback and suggestions about the quality of care and services provided at Workmen’s Circle MultiCare Center. By actively listening to the perspectives and experiences of residents and their families, we can identify areas for enhancement and implement changes that contribute to the overall well-being and satisfaction of our community members. Through these collaborative efforts, we strive to ensure that Workmen’s Circle MultiCare Center remains a place where residents receive high-quality care and support in an environment that promotes dignity, respect, and engagement.

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