The Directory of Key Personnel listed here is for your convenience. All facility
personnel may be reached by calling 718-379-8100 or by using the e-mail addresses.

Title Name Ext E-mail
Chief Executive Officer Soloman Rutenberg 440
Administrator Laurence Abrams 447
Assistant Administrator David Wettenstein 550
Executive Secretary Jessica Marrero 441
Financial Coordinator Natalie Lee 450
Medical Director Tali Skoczylas 474
VP of Clinical Services Cynthia Goodstein 306
Director of Nursing Joyzelle Abonado 306
Associate Director of Nursing Ernesto Antonino 300
Assistant Director of Nursing FL 2 Nikko Andrew Pigtain 503
Assistant Director of Nursing FL 3 – 5 Jino Contreras 305
Assistant Director of Nursing FL 5 – 7 Ernesto Antonino 319
QIS / Restorative Nursing Coordinator Salvador Caisip 521
HMO Coordinator Reza Hosseini 502
Director of Admissions Nurije Islamovic 476
Director of Dietary Slawomir Filipczuk 610
Director of Dialysis Anatoliy Krakovich 830
Director of Social Services Vivette Henry 460
Director of Rehabilitation Kiran Pillay 570
Director of Activities / Volunteers Mary Velez 630
Director of Human Resources Elena Zaretsky 550
Director of Building Services Mike Kurek 680
Director of Security Marc Noriega 600
Supervisor of Housekeeping Valeriy Poludnitsyn 681